Learning Spanish


I’ve started learning Spanish and let me write it here for all to see – I’m sticking to it!!

I’m a bugger for starting something, committing to it for a few days and then letting it fall by the wayside. I’m sure I’m not alone in that! It’s not that I lose passion for whatever it is – exercise, a certain book or some task or other – I just don’t get round to it. I’m determined to keep up with learning Spanish – and updating my blog.

The reason I’m learning Spanish is quite a nice story. Mr P’s brother, who I’ll call Mike, went on holiday to Spain in April, with his mate. Just a standard lad getaway, you know. On their second night they spotted a couple of girls at a bar, but the lads didn’t know Spanish and the girls didn’t know English. So they used Google Translate to get chatting and what not.

Anyway, long story short – Mike and his senorita totally fell for each other. In the months since they’ve been keeping in touch via WhatsApp and started to learn each other’s lingo. Mike’s been out there a couple of times since and his senorita came over in October to meet all of us. Mr P and I were pretty excited to meet the woman that has stole Mike’s heart because he’s an independent guy – not the type to just randomly fall in love. So we knew it was special.

Now Mike’s moved out to Spain to be with her so me and Mr P are dying to go out there for a holiday – you’ve gotta make the most of these situations right?! We’re going out next year and I’m adamant that I’ll be able to communicate in Espanol, so that’s why I’m learning Spanish.

Wish me luck!


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I'm a mama and digital marketer that uses my spare time to ramble on my blog about my perspective on life!

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