Small Moments Matter

I just had a beautiful moment with my son.

He was tossing and turning after waking up so I went in to give him his dummy. As I was pulling my hand away he reached out and grab my finger. Doesn’t it just melt your heart when they do that? He was gazing at me in quiet contemplation and I could tell he was in a talking mood; by which I mean he will look at you and say ‘ah’ in exactly the same way a few times.

So he did say ‘ah’ and I repeated it back to a few times as you do, then he spat his dummy out so this wasn’t a bit of small talk, he wanted a full on conversation. I was happy to oblige because why not, yes it’s bedtime but if Pudding wants to talk to me it’s no big deal.

We continued the conversation in the same way but now I was actually saying bits of things back to him and he was enjoying it more, understandably. Have you noticed that when you speak to babies you tend to say yeah a lot? I do. That’s what I was doing now and it seemed like Pudding clicked – he starting saying ‘eh’ instead of ‘ah’. I was like, ‘You’re saying yeah aren’t you?’ and his eyes lit up and he did an excited little jog with this legs like he knew that I knew he was copying me. We conversed a bit more with him saying ‘eh’ and a big gummy grin.

As much as I was loving it we couldn’t carry on forever because he had to go to sleep as I told him it was bedtime and went to gave him a kiss, he grabbed my nose and started laughing. We had a good laugh together with him still holding my nose until Mr P appeared and asked what we were up to.

Seeing it written down looks a bit crap but it was honestly a magical moment for me. It makes me think that no matter how busy I am or stressed I feel in the future, I always want to make time for my son – even if the moments are inopportune. Small moments matter – it means everything to them and will to you too.


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I'm a mama and digital marketer that uses my spare time to ramble on my blog about my perspective on life!

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