Six Months a Parent: The Journey So Far

It’s been six months since Pudding was born so I thought I’d reflect on how being a parent has changed me and my life in general – besides the whole looking after a baby thing.

Light, dark and coloured washes are a thing now.

I used to chuck dark and colours together and hardly ever did a white wash because Mr P and I tend to wear dark clothes. Doing the laundry daily is the norm now too – it used to be once or twice a week.

I’m much more organised.

With a baby you’ve gotta be on your game: know when they need a feed, nap, nappy change, and be prepared. How long will you be out for? What’s the weather like? Always arm yourself with a cloth or bib. You will need it.

We’re skint.

Like, proper skint. Before I had a baby I thought I knew what being skint was. Now I laugh at that naive fool. 

I have a mama-voice that’s quite hard to switch off.

I tend to commentate the day and just chat to Pudding.  Also I sing. A LOT. He loves it and gives me the biggest smile. It melts my heart.

I’m always cleaning.

Partly because I’m off work so I’ve got time to do it, partly because it’s something to do and partly because I’ve become more houseproud. I want it to be clean and tidy and nice for Pudding to grow up in. Also with a dog and two cats, it’s a necessity! But I’m always bloody washing up.

I’m in better shape. Seriously.

Not loads better, don’t get me wrong I’m hardly strutting about a bikini, but this last couple of weeks I’ve actually got below the weight I was before I got pregnant. I’m not slim, I’m more of a yo-yo-er, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how easy it’s been – although I do eat less than I used to during the day and I’ve been trying to exert stricter portion control! I reckon just that I’m moving about a lot more will have a lot to do with it. And next time I highly doubt I’ll be so lucky!

So much worrying.

I am a bit of a worrier and sometimes I have to remind myself to chill out a bit. I worry about the future and the world Pudding is going to grow up in. I worry about returning to work and barely seeing Pudding for most of the week. I worry about how I’m going to raise this beautiful little human to become a responsible, kind and independent young adult. I worry about money (don’t we all) and how, being the fussy eater that I am, I’m going to introduce him to a varied, balanced and healthy diet. Most of all, I worry about anything happening to Pudding, Mr P or myself. Mortality is so fragile.

The determination and stubbornness of babies is overlooked.

They learn and grow so much it’s crazy. Everything is a challenge and they just crack on and persevere, trying and trying until they succeed. They can teach us adults a lot.

I’m even more emotional.

I’ve always been a bit of emotional wreck but now it’s worse because if it involves children I can actually relate to it. The Pampers advert with the preemie babies gets me every time.


Sometimes I watch the baby monitor more than the telly.

I can’t help it.


I’m becoming my mother.

It’s funny because I can blatantly see it; I’ve picked up her mannerisms, phrases and general behaviour. It makes me quite proud, she’s an incredible woman.

Being a mother has made me a better person.

Not only that, it’s made me want to be a better person too. That sounds cheesy doesn’t it? But I have more to live for, to work for. A renewed drive to excel personally as well as professionally. All of this is helped by the fact that Pudding thinks I’m awesome. He thinks I’m the best thing ever, for now anyway! And I can’t let him down can I?

Having Pudding is without a doubt the greatest thing I have ever done. He fills my heart with joy. Being a parent is an amazing honour. Here’s to the next six months and then…toddlerdom.



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I'm a mama and digital marketer that uses my spare time to ramble on my blog about my perspective on life!

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